Skyrim Vice

I started a new game of Elder Scrolls Skyrim earlier this week. Technically it is my third trip in, but the second was a mage I never quite resonated with. This time though, I decided to diverge from my usual stealthy, bow-wielding Ranger archetype and am playing a Nord Warrior/Barbarian with a penchant for 2-handed weapons. I’m really struck by the replayability of the game. Despite a complete play through of the main quest with my first character (about 160 hours: I did a lot of side quests, plus Thieves Guild, plus Bards College, plus College of Winterhold, plus Stormclocks, plus Dark Brotherhood :-)), it really feels like a new experience with my new character.

I added Dawngaurd and Dragonborn DLC this time around thinking that they would help create a new experience. Outside of a few more encounters with vampires, I really haven’t hit that content yet. Even still, the experience still feels just as engrossing as the first time, and the addictive nature, just as strong. 4 days this past week I played until after midnight when I told myself I’d stop by 10:00.

“Ok, just finish clearing out that mine.” Then, “ok, I’ll just go sell off my loot.” Then, “oh, I should craft some armor to build up my smithing skills.”
Then, “you know, that quest objective is nearby, let me just go do that real quick.”
… and … repeat.


10×10 in 2014 Tabletop Game Tally

There was a trending hashtag in the tabletop gaming twitter-verse at the beginning of 2014, #10x10in2014. The concept was driven by a feeling that with so many good tabletop games, gamers were jumping around from one game to another without really getting to know all the nuances of the games before moving on. The goal of the #10x10in2014 was to challenge gamers to play 10 games, 10 times in 2014. I haven’t seen much tracking on the hash-tag since early 2014, but I went ahead and tracked my gaming anyways, so here it is:

Total Games Played: 220, not including a handful of “traditional” games such as Monopoly and Life

Games Played 10 times: 9, though I came really close 10

The Game List (Ordered by Frequency)):

  • Star Wars LCG – 32
  • Fluxx (*) – 30
  • Carcassonne(*) – 23
  • Formula D – 19
  • Munchkin (*) – 18
  • Catan (*) – 12
  • King of Tokyo – 12
  • Escape – 10
  • Takenoko – 10
  • Forbidden (Island/Desert) – 9
  • Small World – 9
  • Castle Panic – 6
  • Munchkin Quest – 6
  • Dixit – 5
  • Star Wars X-Wing – 4
  • Mille Bornes – 3
  • Ticket to Ride (*) – 3
  • Qwirkle – 2
  • Blockus – 1
  • Hive – 1
  • Rory’s Story Cubes – 1
  • Rummikub – 1
  • Scrabble – 1
  • RPG – 1

A couple of things jump out at me regard this list:

  • My son definitely influenced the top 3
    • Star Wars LCG is one of his favorites when it’s just him and me
    • Carcassonne is one he tends to gravitate too when my wife is able to play as well
  • It’s really nice to have a few games that are almost guaranteed to take under 30 minutes, that everyone enjoys (son, daughter, wife, myself), and that can be played right before bedtime
    • Fluxx (we have 7 different versions)
    • King of Tokyo
    • Escape (just recently added to our library for Christmas)

I’ve already started my #10x10in2015 list with games of Carcassonne and Small World.