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Skyrim Vice

I started a new game of Elder Scrolls Skyrim earlier this week. Technically it is my third trip in, but the second was a mage I never quite resonated with. This time though, I decided to diverge from my usual stealthy, bow-wielding Ranger archetype and am playing a Nord Warrior/Barbarian with a penchant for 2-handed weapons. I’m really struck by the replayability of the game. Despite a complete play through of the main quest with my first character (about 160 hours: I did a lot of side quests, plus Thieves Guild, plus Bards College, plus College of Winterhold, plus Stormclocks, plus Dark Brotherhood :-)), it really feels like a new experience with my new character.

I added Dawngaurd and Dragonborn DLC this time around thinking that they would help create a new experience. Outside of a few more encounters with vampires, I really haven’t hit that content yet. Even still, the experience still feels just as engrossing as the first time, and the addictive nature, just as strong. 4 days this past week I played until after midnight when I told myself I’d stop by 10:00.

“Ok, just finish clearing out that mine.” Then, “ok, I’ll just go sell off my loot.” Then, “oh, I should craft some armor to build up my smithing skills.”
Then, “you know, that quest objective is nearby, let me just go do that real quick.”
… and … repeat.